We do parties for 10+ people ages 8 and up

Public Glass Garden Parties

February 14th
Cobden IL - Starview Vineyards

$25 per person

$30 per person

$35 per person

$40 per person

How it works

Each of our Parties are fun and unique! All parties are beginner friendly and for ages 8 and up. All supplies are included!

Our Parties are pretty simple, they begin with choosing your  plants to fit the needs of your lighting situation, your host will supply several racks of succulents or tropical plants. You will have the option of plants that love lots of sun, and plants that love the shade. Your expert host will help you chose the right plants for your arrangement.

Once you have chosen your plants and find your seat, you will have a tray and several tools to work with, your instructor will go over each tool and its uses.

From here we will instruct you on how to put your arrangement together. Once your plants are in place and packed properly, we can now begin decorating! We have over 20 different decorative gravels, colored mosses, creek rocks, stones, mushrooms, dinosaurs and more! 

At the end of your party your host will give care instructions, and answer any questions you may have!

Thanks for joining us!


We also do custom arrangements for weddings

Glass Gardens by Stacey is based out of Jackson Missouri and will deliver within a 100 mile radius for a delivery fee, otherwise we are happy to ship within the continental US.  We hope you think about us for your next gift idea or big event!

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